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Written by Jennifer Lisa Vest   
Thursday, 12 July 2007

My name is Jennifer Lisa Vest. I am a mixed race poet, originally from Chicago. I have been writing, performing, and publishing poetry about the mixed race experience for many years. I have formed artists collectives and put on shows full of mixed race/hapa/mestiza artists of all mixtures performing work about being mixed race. I have recorded 3 CDs and a few videos on Youtube. Please visit my website, to listen to my audio clips. My poetry can also be seen  performed live on  I have a blog on

Some Good Done

 Jennifer Lisa Vest


Biologically I am

A mixture More and less

Complicated than I claim to be



My mother my father they

Have their own identities

My phenotype is another story



Where I grew up and how

Who my ancestors were

And why they died

All conspire to define me

In ways that are beyond even me.


Ambiguity is my home

Either/or does not apply

And my existence defies

So many names and claims

Of place

It would be a lie to check a race


All I know for certain

Is that it matters

That my existence

Confounds you

That your inability to classify me

Bewilders you

And there is some good done

Each time I cause confusion

There is some good done





Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 July 2007 )
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