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Douglass, Not Lincoln, Bolsters GOP
by Gregory Stephens (The Los Angeles Times) (December 31, 2000)

Lumbee election certified
by Al Greenwood (The Fayetteville Observer) (December 30, 2000)

Alice Walker, an Explorer of Change
by Gregory Stephens (International Herald Tribune) (December 28, 2000)

Tennis star goes to German court to get sons back from wife in U.S.
by Hannah Cleaver (Chicago Sun-Times) (December 28, 2000)

Dule noted: Actor Hill is pleased by attention West Wing character is attracting
by Claire Bickley (Toronto Sun) (December 28, 2000)

Jewish With a Korean Face
by Adam Rosen (Jinn Magazine) (December 21, 2000)

Life in Prison Isn't Always the Case . . . , And that causes pain for some families
by Jeremy Meyer (The Salt Lake Tribune) (December 20, 2000)

. . . but First, Let's End the Preference Paradigm
by Ward Connerly (The Los Angeles Times) (December 19, 2000)

Election 2000: The Venom of Race
by Kevin Nguyen (The Abolitionist Examiner) (December 2000/January 2001)

Scientific Evidence Reveals We Are All Family
by Salim Muwakkil (Common Dreams) (December 18, 2000)

Book Excerpt: "An American Story"
by Debra Dickerson (Salon) (December 18, 2000)

In African 'rainbow nation,' some stripes treated better, Creoles say
by Andrew England (Seattle Times/Associated Press) (December 17, 2000)

African elites, students in Russia facing racism
by Margaret Coker (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (December 17, 2000)

U.S. Census now recognizes 'multiracial' identities
by Cindy Rodriguez (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (December 16, 2000)

Mya expands horizons to include Alaska
by J. Mark Dudick (Anchorage Daily News),2645,221841,00.html (December 15, 2000)

Jesse Jackson's Long Misguided March
by Michael Lynch (Reason) (December 14, 2000)

Tennis - Becker's Wife Files For Custody
( (December 13, 2000)

The Selma mind-set: Was the black vote in Florida really suppressed?
by John Leo (U.S. News & World Report) (December 18, 2000)

Mom is trying to get back in school to become a better provider
(Savannah Morning News) (December 13, 2000)

Democrats won't disclaim Jackson's remarks
by Donald Lambro (The Washington Times) (December 13, 2000)

Mo' Better Jew-Baiting
by Shlomo Schwartzberg (The Jerusalem Report) (December 13, 2000)

Book Review: "One Drop of Blood" by Scott L. Malcomson
by Dan Cryer (Salon) (December 12, 2000)

Census change helps interracial families feel they count
by Genaro C. Armas (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Associated Press) (December 10, 2000)

Goodbye, Racial Preferences
by Larry Elder (Frontpage Magazine) (December 10, 2000)

'Save the Last Dance' does more than dance around tough racial issues
by Jennifer Umaña (Daily Forty-Niner) (December 7, 2000)

Here's a radical thought: If we stop obsessing on race, people may actually become colorblind
by Robyn Blumner (Jewish World Review) (December 7, 2000)

Drag Race
by Andrew Sullivan (The New Republic) (December 7, 2000)

Genetic study roots humans in Africa
by Dr. David Whitehouse (BBC) (December 6, 2000)

Census 2000 lives on: Many citizens now receiving 23-page 'American Community Survey'
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (December 6, 2000)

by Toni Schlesinger (The Village Voice) (December 6-12, 2000)

Lumbee candidate complains
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (December 5, 2000)

Roots and Revelations
by Robert Cooke (Newsday) (December 5, 2000)

With the Web, Midwest minister of hate gains a global reach ...
by Michael Greenwood (The Philadelphia Inquirer) (December 4, 2000)

Lumbee Government
(The Fayetteville Observer) (December 3, 2000)

Economic, social, racial barriers are falling
by Elizabeth Llorente (The Bergen Record) (December 3, 2000)

For high-priced actors, this indie film has value
by Susan King (The Bergen Record) (December 1, 2000)

UC-Davis students discuss interracial relationships
by S.F. Zook (The California Aggie) (December 1, 2000)

5 Questions: Monica
by Chelsea J. Carter (The Bergen Record/Associated Press) (December 1, 2000)

Essay: Does Race Really Exist?
by Jacquelene S. Waller (Rutgers University) (December 2000)

Essay: Interracial Dating - Do or Don't?
by Jacquelene S. Waller (Rutgers University) (December 2000)

Infatu-Asian: Deconstructing the motives of desire
by Sarah Stone (Counterpoint) (December 2000)

Movers and Shakers: How Immigrants Are Reviving Neighborhoods Given Up For Dead
by Joel Klotkin (Reason) (December 2000)

Book Review: Tripping on the Color Line: Black-White Multiracial Families in a Racially Divided World
by Beth Gray (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (December 2000)

Racial Profiling: The Mislabeling of Black Conservatives
by Jim Sleeper (The Washington Monthly) (December 2000)

Book: Anthem
by Ayn Rand (The Abolitionist Examiner) (December 2000/January 2001)

Five-Year-Old Girl With Sickle Cell Disease
by Laura Douglas (The Multiracial Activist) (December 2000/January 2001)

Let's Retire The Drug War
by Jacob G. Hornberger (The Multiracial Activist) (December 2000/January 2001)

No Border Debate in the Presidential Race
by Jacob G. Hornberger (The Multiracial Activist) (December 2000/January 2001)

e-Book: The Tradegy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
by Mark Twain (The Multiracial Activist) (December 2000/January 2001)

Florida man sentenced to life in hate crime killing
(The Miami Herald/Associated Press) (November 30, 2000)

Interracial couples thrive at Stanford U.
by Christine Ha (The Stanford Daily) (November 30, 2000)

Five Questions With Monica
by Chelsea J. Carter (Associated Press) (November 30, 2000)

Lumbee-vote officials recounting ballots
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 28, 2000)

U. Southern California playwright incorporates multi-ethnic background into works
by Rebecca Lorimer (Daily Trojan) (November 28, 2000)

U.S. Wrote Outline for Race Profiling, New Jersey Argues
by David Kocieniewski (The New York Times) (November 28, 2000)

Across a boundary, hands clasped
by Jennifer Maloney (The Daily Princetonian) (November 27, 2000)

Bush's Supreme Picks: Terror Unjustified
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson ( (November 27, 2000)

Drawing the Lines: Court Considers Race as Factor in Setting Voting Districts
by Laurie Asseo (ABCNews/Associated Press) (November 27, 2000)

Blacks voted for Mr Gore, but Mr Bush is their man
by Bruce Anderson (The Independent) (November 27, 2000)

Cinderella's Magic Never Fades
by John Fleming (St. Petersburg Times) (November 26, 2000)

Mother, daughter write of their black, white, and Jewish family
(Evansville Courier-Press/Associated Press) (November 26, 2000)

A wider circle of family
by Cathryn J. Prince (Christian Science Monitor) (November 22, 2000)

Canvass changes Lumbee tribal voting
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 22, 2000)

Hapa Forum grows at Stanford
by Tanya Avila (The Stanford Daily) (November 22, 2000)

Lecture review: Walter Mosley writes, reads with power
by Nate Guidry (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (November 21, 2000)

Not in her lifetime
by Claire Bickley (Toronto Sun) (November 21, 2000)

Lumbee vote results due Tuesday
(The Fayetteville Observer) (November 20, 2000)

Electoral College Helps Blacks, Latinos
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson ( (November 20, 2000)

Body May Be Teen Suspects Mom
by Phillip Messing and Leonard Greene (New York Post) (November 20, 2000)

Blake show addresses lynching
(San Francisco Examiner) (November 20, 2000)

Woman sues St. Paul police after they posed as Census workers
by Curt Brown (Star-Tribune) (November 18, 2000)

Writer Mosley wrestles with history, dead and alive
by Nate Guidry (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (November 18, 2000)

East Harlem Lovers Busted In Her Parents' Slaying
by Rocco Parascandola, Murray Weiss and Ikimulis Sockwell-Mason (New York Post) (November 17, 2000)

Lumbee election results due Monday
(The Fayetteville Observer) (November 17, 2000)

Book bond
by Kim Curtis (The Spokesman-Review/Associated Press) (November 16, 2000)

Interracial Relationships
by Emily McGrath, Ph.D. ( (2000)

Man pleads guilty in slur case
(Akron Beacon-Journal) (November 16, 2000)

A new home, a new land
(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) (November 15, 2000)

Labor market is Lumbee's love
by Allison Williams (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 15, 2000)

Lumbee results expected Thursday
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 14, 2000)

His hand on her wrist was the eternal flame
by Steve Duin (The Oregonian) (November 14, 2000)

Scientists Rough Out Humanity's 50,000-Year-Old Story
by Nicholas Wade (New York Times) (November 14, 2000)

Intermarriage a rocky road for Hmong
by Hannah Allam (St. Paul Pioneer Press) (November 13, 2000)

Black Hispanics Resist Color Labels
by Maria T. Padilla (Seattle Times) (November 12, 2000)

Rejecting racism
(The Birmingham News) (November 10, 2000)

Lumbee district results challenged
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 10, 2000)

Mixed reaction to marriage vote
by Jeff Amy and Karen Tolkkinen (The Mobile Register) (November 9, 2000)

A time to mourn, and a time to dance in Alice Walker's short stories
by Merle Rubin (Christian Science Monitor) (November 9, 2000)

Mayor Hunt to lead Lumbees
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 9, 2000)

17 of 23 chosen for Lumbee tribal government
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (November 8, 2000)

Voters remove state interracial marriage ban
(The Birmingham News) (November 8, 2000)

Voters strike ban on interracial marriage
by Jeff Amy (The Mobile Register) (November 8, 2000)

Intermarriage Ban Targeted in Alabama
by Leonard Greene (The New York Post) (November 7, 2000)

Bursting Asunder: Census 2000 and America's Regime of Race Data Collection
by M. Royce Van Tassell (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

State still holds onto unenforceable ban
by Patricia Cavanaugh Stumb (The Huntsville Times) (November 6, 2000)

Conference Examines Shifting Nature of Identity
(The Irish Times) (November 6, 2000)

Lumbee candidates face off in tribal elections
(The Fayetteville Observer) (November 5, 2000)

Couple believe marriage can be black-and-white issue
by Patricia C. Stumb (The Huntsville Times) (November 5, 2000)

Alice Walkers cathartic memoir
by Amy Curtis (MSNBC/Associated Press) (November 3, 2000)

Troy Hill fire tied to race; woman charged
by M. Ferguson Tinsley (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (November 3, 2000)

Amendment's aim: Lift marriage ban
by Kim Chandler (The Birmingham News) (November 2, 2000)

Shakespeare Sets Stage For Amity
by Amy Argetsinger (The Washington Post) (November 1, 2000)

Killer Cops
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Salon) (November 1, 2000)

Wonderful Dreams and ‘You’ It’s Not the ‘Ism’ Anymore
by Adam Abraham (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

God Squad: Race The Dividing Line?
by Charles Michael Byrd (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

Sauce For The Goose II
by Candace Y. Miller (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

A Race For The Millenium: How About Human?
by Ami Chen Mills (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

Musings on Reconstruction
by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

Introduction to Lawrence R. Tenzer's The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the Slavery Issue
by A.D. Powell (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (November/December 2000)

Lumbee candidates speak
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 31, 2000)

Charges against Casey dismissed
(ESPN/Associated Press) (October 31, 2000)

SLICE, a new U. Wisconsin student org, helps 'mixed kids' come together
by John Kim (The Daily Cardinal) (October 31, 2000)

TV REVIEW: 'Real World' cast fails to entertain
by Jacob Bunge (Badger Herald) (October 31, 2000)

Vowing to Love, Honor and Preserve Cultures
by Agustin Gurza (The Los Angeles Times) (October 31, 2000)

Black Racism
by Larry Elder (FrontPage Magazine) (October 31, 2000)

Letters: We Are All Mixed Race
by Bill Taylor (The Birmingham News) (October 30, 2000)

The politics of hate
by David Horowitz (Salon) (October 30, 2000)

Overcoming a bad image
by Carla Thompson (The Huntsville Times) (October 29, 2000)

Skinhead Convicted in Girl's Murder
( Press) (October 27, 2000)

Genome project proves there's just one race, expert says
by Bill Snyder (The Tennessean) (October 27, 2000)

An Italian 'House' With Heart
by Rita Kempley (The Washington Post) (October 27, 2000)

Skinhead Convicted of Girl's Death
(The Salt Lake Tribune/Associated Press) (October 27, 2000)

Girl's neo-Nazi killer convicted
by William R. Levesque (St Petersburg Times) (October 27, 2000)

Pinellas jury convicts skinhead of murder, hate crimes
(The Miami Herald/Associated Press) (October 26, 2000)

Skinhead murder case goes to jury
(Court TV) (October 26, 2000)

Federal judge reactivates suit over Kennewick Man
(Court TV/Associated Press) (October 26, 2000)

Kinnie Starr lost in race
by Ian Nathanson (Ottowa Sun) (October 26, 2000)

Teens grapple with their mixed heritage
by Amy Chen (Contra Costa Times) (October 25, 2000)

Erasing Racism
by Amy Chen (Contra Costa Times) (October 25, 2000)

A Darker Shade of Pale
by Ben Arogundade (The Evening Standard) (October 25, 2000)

Inadvertent shot possible, expert says
by William R. Levesque (St Petersburg Times) (October 25, 2000)

Yanking the format
by Ellen Gray (Philadelphia Daily News) (October 25, 2000)

Democrats Criticize Census Data Sharing
by cicero ( (October 25, 2000)

Defense witnesses say skinhead was not violent or prejudiced
(Court TV) (October 25, 2000)

Connerly addresses equality at Syracuse U.
by Chris Jaikaran (Daily Orange) (October 24, 2000)

Experts duel over skinhead's account of shooting
(Court TV) (October 24, 2000)

No room for hate in father's world
by Elijah Gosier (St. Petersburg Times) (October 24, 2000)

Defense in hate crime case says shooting not racial
(Miami Herald) (October 24, 2000)

Mother: I was 'very scared'
by William R. Levesque (St. Petersburg Times) (October 24, 2000)

Whose black culture should be portrayed?
by Daniel B. Wood (Christian Science Monitor) (October 23, 2000)

Democrats Criticize Census Data Sharing
by Linda R. Monk (The New York Times) (October 23, 2000)

A Deeper Look
by Cedric Muhammad ( (October 23, 2000)

German of Color
by Rowan Philp (The Washington Post) (October 23, 2000)

Roten's ex-girlfriend testifies
by Rochelle Steinhaus (Court TV) (October 23, 2000)

Roten's friend, mother take the stand
by Rochelle Steinhaus (Court TV) (October 23, 2000)

Transcript of Police Interview With Jessy Roten
(Court TV) (October 23, 2000)

Lumbees coming home
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 22, 2000)

Lumbees have a language all their own
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 22, 2000)

Vote yes on Amendment Two
(Mobile Register) (October 22, 2000)

America's Worst Idea
By Orlando Patterson (The New York Times) (October 22, 2000)

Subcontinental Drift
By Thrity Umrigar (The Washington Post) (October 22, 2000)

Chairman candidates want unity
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 21, 2000)

Lumbees hope vote will bring new unity
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 21, 2000)

Lumbee voting logistics outlined
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 21, 2000)

Roten: 'I just wasn't thinking'
by Jounice L. Nealy (St. Petersburg Times) (October 21, 2000)

Father of slain girl recounts tragic night
by Jounice L. Nealy (St. Petersburg Times) (October 20, 2000)

Lifeline: Christian adoption agency offers haven to infants, mothers
by Greg Garrison (The Birmingham News) (October 20, 2000)

Activism began early in Bonk family
by Rod Thompson (Honolulu Star-Bulletin) (October 20, 2000)

Kung fu's gladiator
by Vera H-C Chan (Contra Costa Times) (October 19, 2000)

Tearful testimony from father of murder victim
(Court TV) (October 19, 2000)

I Can Instantly Tell Whether Someone is African-American With My Amazing 'Blackdar'
Editors Note: Ok, this one isn't really news, it's just funny.
by Shawn Parker (The Onion) (October 18, 2000)

Hate Crime Laws Just Racial Politics By Another Name
by John Kass (The Chicago Tribune),1122,SAV-0010180163,00.html (October 18, 2000)

Court won't hear serial killer's appeal
by Jane Prendergast (The Cincinnati Enquirer) (October 18, 2000)

Hazing scandal divides railroad city, old friends
by Mark Shaffer (The Arizona Republic) (October 17, 2000)

On The Bleach
by Eric Alter (Entertainment Weekly),2514,3785,00.html (October 17, 2000)

Florida v. Roten: Racially motivated or sheer coincidence?
(Court TV) (October 17, 2000)

More Windows for a Wider View
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post) (October 17, 2000)

Mulatto - A Light-Skinned Biracial Woman Speaks from Experience
by Natalie Mitchell (Volume) (October 16, 2000)

Bagels, no lox
by Annalee Newitz (Salon) (October 16, 2000)

Negative news about Lumbees disheartening
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 15, 2000)

Lumbees look to the future
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 15, 2000)

We choose or refuse to be victims
by Donald V. Adderton (Sun Herald) (October 14, 2000)

CBO Request For Census, Tax Records Raises Fears
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (October 13, 2000)

Opinions varied on interracial marriage
by Michael Willard (The Andalusia Star-News) (October 12, 2000)

'Painting' Begins Filming In Mission Hills
by Robert W. Butler (The Kansas City Star) (October 12, 2000)

Detroit's split nature forces us to work harder to see its heart
by Betty DeRamus (The Detroit News) (October 12, 2000)

More African-Americans Reach Out To Adopt
by Scott Baldauf (The Christian Science Monitor) (October 12, 2000)

'Purple Cane Road' leads detective down an unexpected path
(Philadelphia Daily News) (October 11, 2000)

Something old, something new
(Sydney Morning Herald) (October 11, 2000)

Towards a new Australia
by Sharon Verghis (Sydney Morning Herald) (October 11, 2000)

Drummers keeping tradition alive
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 10, 2000)

Lumbee Tribal Council drops appeal
by Paul Woolverton (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 10, 2000)

Lebanese migrants' children `marry their own kind'
by Adele Horin (The Age) (October 9, 2000)

Voters to chose fate of interracial marriage law
by Brian Blackley (The Messenger) (October 8, 2000)

Lumbees making a life in Baltimore
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 8, 2000)

Center gives Lumbees a sense of community
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 8, 2000)

Madison Avenue Finds Diversity
by Thomas Ginsburg (The Philadelphia Inquirer) (October 8, 2000)

Filing period ends for tribal government election
by James Locklear (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 7, 2000)

Time to move into the 21st century
by Scott Hawkins (The Andalusia Star-News) (October 6, 2000)

Miss N.C. carries pride on runway
by Chick Jacobs (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 6, 2000)

A Question of Race
by Willow Lawson ( (October 6, 2000)

Alabama bill would repeal ban on interracial unions
(San Jose Mercury News/Associated Press) (October 6, 2000)

Repealing ban on interracial marriage
by Bob Johnson (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Associated Press) (October 5, 2000)

Alabama moves to repeal ban on racially mixed marriages
(St. Paul Pioneer Press/Associated Press) (October 5, 2000)

Alabama may allow interracial marriage
by Bob Johnson (Salon/Associated Press) (October 4, 2000)

Court allows admission based on race
(Salon/Associated Press) (October 2, 2000)

Repealing marriage ban is a moral, legal, economic 'yes'
by Bill Pryor (The Birmingham News) (October 1, 2000)

A Pain in the Power Structure's Rear
by Kerry Madden (The Los Angeles Times) (October 1, 2000)

'Wing' Set High Bar For Second Term
(The Cleveland Plain Dealer) (October 1, 2000)

Burnt Swamp meets Baltimore in Baptist church
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 1, 2000)

Lumbee church changes with community
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (October 1, 2000)

The Melting Pot and Interracial Relationships: Do They Mix?
by Sarah Pores (On The Other Hand) (Fall 2000)

Discovering Parallels to Nella Larsen
by Sushama Austin (Literary Traveler) (Fall 2000)

"I don't want to know"
by Jennifer Ben-Khaffed (The Abolitionist Examiner) (October/November 2000)

Free Will (or The Right To Not Decide)
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (The Abolitionist Examiner) (October/November 2000)

Race: Is It A Valid Issue?
by Jonathan Morrow (The Abolitionist Examiner) (October/November 2000)

The Key to Race: Depoliticize It
by Sheldon Richman (The Abolitionist Examiner) (October/November 2000)

Longing For Life Outside of the Box
by Beverly Yuen Thompson (The Abolitionist Examiner) (October/November 2000)

Save Harlem's Liberation Bookstore
by Laura Douglas (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Setting The Record Straight on Racism
by Melissa of MTV's "The Real World" New Orleans (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Prologue and Chapter One: The Last Liberal
by Mark Mathabane (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Preface and Chapter One: Love in Black and White
by Mark and Gail Mathabane (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Preventing Holocausts
by Sheldon Richman (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Racial Theory and the Pre-Civil War Census
by Lawrence R. Tenzer (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

How Do We Inherit Our Skin Color?
by Lawrence R. Tenzer (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Being Bi- In A Mono-Culture
by Beverly Yuen Thompson (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

On Defining My Own Identity
by Beverly Yuen Thompson (The Multiracial Activist) (October/November 2000)

Passing for White: The invisible mixed-race minority
by Anna Raphael (Counterpoint) (October 2000)

Joe Lieberman's New Friend
(The New York Post) (September 30, 2000)

Fall TV: It's a good season after all
by Aaron Knopf (MSNBC) (September 29, 2000)

Mix Mastering
by Vanessa E. Jones (The Boston Globe) (September 27, 2000)

Lumbee vote to be separate: County Board of Elections will not handle the tribal ballots
(The Fayetteville Observer) (September 26, 2000)

Lieberman Says He Is Open To Meeting Farrakhan
(FOXNews/Reuters) (September 26, 2000)

Alabama Voter May Bury Interracial Marriage Ban
by Judy Sheppard (American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography) (September 26, 2000)

Alabama Voter May Bury Interracial Marriage Ban
by Judy Sheppard ( (September 26, 2000)

Interior Dept. Opts to Give Ancient Skeleton to Indians
(The Washington Post/Associated Press) (September 26, 2000)

Kennewick Decision: Babbitt Says 9,000-Year-Old Skeleton Belongs to Five Tribes
( Press) (September 25, 2000)

One Australia, Many Faces
by Mark McDonald (San Jose Mercury News) (September 25, 2000)

Baltimore becomes Lumbee home away from homeland
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (September 24, 2000)

Elizabeth Berry Locklear a spiritual, cultural leader
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (September 24, 2000)

Love is Colorblind: NYC's biracial couples understand the true meaning of diversity
by Mary Jane Fine (New York Daily News) (September 24, 2000)

Teaching children to stay colorblind -- Author Wright: Prolong time of 'racial innocence'
by Fahizah Alim (Sacramento Bee) (September 24, 2000)

Blacks Rethink The GOP
by Maria T. Padilla (Orlando Sentinel) (September 24, 2000)

The Lieberman Test for Multiethnic America
by Gregory Rodriguez (The Los Angeles Times) (September 24, 2000)

Love, marriage and Alabama law
by Kenley Jones (NBC News) (September 24, 2000)

Racing -- not race -- motives swimmer Ervin
by Patrick Reusse (Star Tribune) (September 23, 2000)

The stolen generation
by Siobhan McHugh (The Irish Times) (September 23, 2000)

Local radio personality to be on NBC Nightly News
(The Huntsville Times) (September 22, 2000)

Chicago's Top Adoption Support Organizations Unite to Host First Midwestern Regional Conference
(Business Wire) (September 20, 2000)

Bob Jones changes little
by Jennifer Holland (The Detroit News/Associated Press) (September 20, 2000)

Buchanan says Reform Party is merely redirected, not split
by Eun-Kyung Kim (Lincoln Journal-Star/Associated Press) (September 20, 2000)

When Racial Bias Emerges, Despite Our Best Efforts
by Sandy Banks (Los Angeles Times) (September 19, 2000)

KC native to shoot next movie here
by Robert W. Butler (The Kansas City Star) (September 19, 2000)

Critic backs racial marriage laws
by Kim Chandler (The Birmingham News) (September 19, 2000)

Buchanan Speaks Out at Bob Jones University
by Eric Bailey (Los Angeles Times) (September 19, 2000)

Buchanan bounds back on trail
by Chris Burritt (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (September 19, 2000)

Buchanan Declares Culture War
by Thomas P. Edsall (The Washington Post) (September 19, 2000)

David Bowie and Iman's Longed-For Child Alexandia Zahra Jones Makes Her Debut
(Hello!) (September 19, 2000)

'Hispanic Hype' Hides Differences
by Myriam Marquez (The Orlando Sentinel) (September 18, 2000)

Buchanan turns to Bob Jones University to restart campaign
by Jim Davenport (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Associated Press) (September 18, 2000)

Buchanan restarts campaign at Bob Jones University
by Jim Davenport (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Associated Press) (September 18, 2000)

Buchanan kicks off Reform Party campaign at Bob Jones University
by Chris Burritt (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Cox News Service) (September 18, 2000)

Buchanan looks to Bob Jones University to revive campaign
by Jim Davenport (Nando Media/Associated Press),2107,500259050-500398996-502386706-0,00.html (September 18, 2000)

'Waiting for too long'
by Karina Bland (The Arizona Republic) (September 18, 2000)

The new face of race
by John Meacham (MSNBC/Newsweek) (September 18, 2000)

Love Without Borders
by Lynette Clemetson (MSNBC/Newsweek) (September 18, 2000)

What's White Anyway?
by Ellis Cose (MSNBC/Newsweek) (September 18, 2000)

An oddball with a bass thrives in postwar U.S.
by Renee Graham (The Miami Herald) (September 17, 2000)

University's lifting of interracial date ban has changed very little
by Jennifer Holland (The Oklahoman/Associated Press) (September 17, 2000)

Ruling lets Vancouver guardians keep teen
by Nathan Isaacs (The Oregonian) (September 16, 2000)

Better Than Affirmative
by Jeb Bush (The New York Times) (September 15, 2000)

Old, New Ways Clash in 'East'/Pakistani father raises a family in London
by Edward Guthmann (San Francisco Chronicle) (September 15, 2000)

Saying goodbye to Jim Crow
(Mobile Register) (September 13, 2000)

Review: Not With A Bang, But...
by Glenn Speer (Aisle Say - New York) (September 13, 2000)

Trial to wait as doctors probe suspect's sanity
by William R. Levesque (The Tampa Tribune) (September 13, 2000)

Buchanan Get $12.6 million, the FEC says (Plans to speak at Bob Jones University)
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (September 13, 2000)

Interracial Romance Divides Asian-Americans
by Soyon Im (AlterNet) (September 11, 2000)

Time to put interracial ban to rest
by Robert Buchanan (The Mobile Register) (September 11, 2000)

Homing in on Japan
by Annie Nakao (San Francisco Examiner) (September 10, 2000)

Wording subject of debate: A third of those surveyed however, oppose such unions
by Jeff Schrenk (The Mobile Register) (September 10, 2000)

Wording subject of debate: A third of those surveyed however, oppose such unions
by Jeff Schrenk (The Mobile Register) (September 10, 2000)

Study: parents must challenge racial myths
by Sara Steffens (The Bergen Record) (September 10, 2000)

A split in the ranks
(The Huntsville Times) (September 7, 2000)

Misguided effort: Heritage groups have better things to do
(The Birmingham News) (September 7, 2000)

The civil rights movement is dead, RIP
by David Horowitz (Salon) (September 5, 2000)

The Last Days of a White World
(The Guardian),2763,363783,00.html (September 3, 2000)

Theater Review: Complex Oedipus
by Steven Leigh Morris (LA Weekly) (September 1, 2000)

Bid farewell to this racist law
(The Mobile Register) (September 1, 2000)

Reading "The Boondocks" Black and White and Hip-Hop All Over
by Oliver Wang (Resist, Inc.) (September 2000)

Science, Southern Style
by David N. Livingstone ( (September/October 2000)

Mongrels 'R' Us
by Wade Roush (Technology Review) (September/October 2000)

The Political Realignment: A Jihad against "Race"-consciousness
by Charles Michael Byrd (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Me Help You? You've Got To Be Kidding! Or, A Reply To The Ultimate Hubris
by Beth Gray (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

"Good Intentions"
by Eleanora Hill (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Race, Religion and Free Speech
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

The Tree of Life
by Richard "Warbird" Miller (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

In Defense (and Celebration) of Mutts
by Ami Chen Mills (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Book Review of "Miscegenation Blues: Voices of Mixed Race Women"
by Emily Conroy (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

What Latinos and Anglos Need to Learn From Each Other
by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Picture A 'Mixed' Kid
by Sabu (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Religion and "Race"-Consciousness
by Steve and Ruth White (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Eliminate "Race" -- Rebuttal to Steve Sailor Essays
by George Winkel (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (September/October 2000)

Press Release: Gore2000 Asks 'Does 100 Count Bob Jones?'
(Gore 2000) (August 31, 2000)

Gore2000 Asks 'Does 100 Count Bob Jones?'
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (August 31, 2000)

Gore2000 Asks 'Does 100 Count Bob Jones?'
(US Newswire) (August 31, 2000)

California Minorities Are Now The Majority
by William Booth (The Washington Post) (August 31, 2000)

The politics of lynching
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Salon) (August 31, 2000)

Estranged Wife Enters Campaign Fray: Trashes Interracial Relationship
by Paul Schwartzman (The Washington Post) (August 30, 2000)

Minority Enrollment Rises in Florida College System
by Rick Bragg (The New York Times) (August 30, 2000)

Generation Y Coloring Outside The Lines
by Kimberly Hohman ( (August 29, 2000)

Black Anti-Semitism: Confronting Bigotry in the Shadows of Ignorance
by Salim Muwakkil (The Chicago Tribune),2669,SAV-0008280028,FF.html (August 28, 2000)

Mix 'n' match society: going 'transcultural'
by Sara Terry (The Christian Science Monitor) (August 28, 2000)

Foes say implication of amendment is Alabamians are racist
by Alan Choate (Mobile Register) (August 26, 2000)

The real Melissa
by Eric Deggans and Babita Persaud (St. Petersburg Times) (August 25, 2000)

The boy who can't go wrong
by Ben Thompson (London Evening Standard) (August 25, 2000)

Race profile issue means 'you have to have faith'
by Susan Paynter (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (August 25, 2000)

What's the racial breakdown of South Florida students?
(The Miami Herald) (August 24, 2000)

The color of innocence
by Sara Steffens (The San Jose Mercury News) (August 24, 2000)

Lumbee filing begins
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (August 23, 2000)

An NAACP leader haunted by her own history
by Doug Johnson (FOXNews/Associated Press) (August 23, 2000)

LSU student reflects on his MTV 'Road' trip
by Jennifer Sklar (The Reveille) (August 23, 2000)

Zero-Sum Politics
by Seth Lipsky (The Wall Street Journal) (August 23, 2000)

Police to track race factor
by Kimberly A.C. Wilson (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (August 22, 2000)

Do Races Differ? Not Really, DNA Shows
by Natalie Angier (The New York Times) (August 22, 2000)

Twisting Tiger's Tail
by Radley Balko (The American Partisan) (August 21, 2000)

The heart of a Tiger
by Dana DiFilippo (The Philadelphia Daily News) (August 21, 2000)

The Poison of Racism
(The Irish Times) (August 21, 2000)

State of the union
by Hugh Mackay (The Sydney Morning Herald) (August 19, 2000)

Focusing on dark chapter
by John Smallwood (The Spokesman Review) (August 19, 2000)

The Party of Maxine Waters
by Michelle Malkin (Jewish World Review) (August 18, 2000)

Support is Lukewarm, Black Leaders Indicate
by Hamil R. Harris (The Washington Post) (August 18, 2000)

Protests could overshadow Aborigines' story
by John Smallwood (The Philadelphia Daily News) (August 18, 2000)

Black newsman says Lieberman chosen to fill coffers
by Liz Trotta (The Washington Times) (August 17, 2000)

In U.S., you can't just be a swimmer who is black
by Gwenn Knapp (The San Francisco Examiner) (August 16, 2000)

The Uncle Tom Dilemma
by Peter Noel (The Village Voice) (August 16-22, 2000)

Don't ask, don't tell
by Jake Tapper (Salon) (August 16, 2000)

Unconventional wisdom
by E.M. Brown (Salon) (August 16, 2000)

"I'm all for the human race"
by Jeremy Lott (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2000)

Far From Urban Gateways, Racial Lines Blur in Suburbs
by Bettina Boxall and Ray F. Herndon (The Los Angeles Times) (August 15, 2000)

When Taking The Easy Way Out in Racial Labeling, The Truth Suffers
by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (The Los Angeles Times) (August 14, 2000)

Lumbee tribal filing dates set
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (August 13, 2000)

Lumbee election to be planned
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (August 12, 2000)

Police Say They Erred In Probe of D.C. Killing
by Petula Dvorak (The Washington Post) (August 11, 2000)

Does capitalism make you sick?
by Jacqueline Stevens (Salon) (August 11, 2000)

Playing the faith card, continued
by Seth Gitell (The Boston Phoenix) (August 10-17, 2000)

Playing the faith card
by Seth Gitell (The Boston Phoenix) (August 10-17, 2000)

Denounced in Dallas: NAACP Disavows Member's Anti-Lieberman Remarks
( (August 9, 2000)

Too Jewish?
by Jake Tapper (Salon) (August 9, 2000)

Was Gatsby Black?
by Elizabeth Manus (Salon) (August 9, 2000)

At GOP's Behest, GAO Is Checking Census E-Mail
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (August 8, 2000)

Census reports early data on people who check more than one race
by D'Vera Cohn (The Detroit News) (August 8, 2000)

Interracial Dating: A Good Thing, Maybe; True Love, Maybe Not
by Fred Reed (Fred On Everything) (August 8, 2000)

Lowery's band had brush with stardom
by Michael Futch (The Fayetteville Observer) (August 6, 2000)

The Big Bebopper: A biography of Charles Mingus
by Daniel Mark Epstein (The New York Times) (August 6, 2000)

'Soul Train's' New Conductor: Shemar Moore
by Steve Pond (The Los Angeles Times) (August 6, 2000)

Family Album: The Sharp Family
by Silvina Martinez (The Sacramento Bee) (August 6, 2000)

GOP puts on a good show, but off stage is another story
by Eugene Kane (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (August 5, 2000)

Foreigners Facing Rising Racist Abuse
by Judith Crosbie (The Irish Times) (August 5, 2000)

Ranking the Presidents By Their Records on Race
by Ronald Walters ( (August 4, 2000)

Adoptees honor the life, legacy of 'Grandma' Holt
by Alice Tallmadge (The Oregonian) (August 4, 2000)

Former Miss America Gets Ugly: Frowns on Interracial Dating
by Kim Hohman ( Race Relations) (August 3, 2000)

Ward Connerly - The GOP's Missing Marcher
by Michael W. Lynch (Reason) (August 3, 2000)

Denial is holding blacks back
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Salon) (August 3, 2000)

Census gets few diverse answers
by Shari Rudavsky (The Miami Herald) (August 3, 2000)

Census' racial question downplayed
by D'Vera Cohn (The Philadelphia Inquirer) (August 3, 2000)

The Blond, Blue-Eyed Face of Spanish TV
by Michael A. Fletcher (The Washington Post) (August 3, 2000)

Gore 2000 Fact Sheet on Bush Visit to Bob Jones University
(Gore 2000) (August 2, 2000)

She's the Tiger's Meow
by Peter Sheridan (The New York Post) (August 2, 2000)

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999 Frowns on Interracial Dating
(Washington Journal) (August 1, 2000)

Justice to George S. Schuyler
by Mark Gauvreau Judge (Policy Review) (August 2000)

We're All Cherry Cupcakes
by Kathleen Fuller (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2000)

Diversity, Not Divisiveness
by Kathleen Fuller (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2000)

Humans Must Reject Genetic Determinism in the New Millenium
by Marc Levin and Edward Blum (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2000)

Americans Are Tired of Racial Boxes
by M. Royce Van Tassell (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2000)

The Death of the One-Drop Rule: R.I.P.
by M. Royce Van Tassell (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2000)

America's National Culture on the Border
by Jacob G. Hornberger (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2000)

Multiracialism: The Final Piece of the Puzzle
by Kevin R. Johnson (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2000)

Of, By, and For the People?
by Sheldon Richman (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2000)

Learning From Oklahoma City
by Connie Whiting (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2000)

'Grandma' Holt dies
by Alice Tallmadge (The Oregonian) (August 1, 2000)

Census Race Question Has Limited Impact
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (July 30, 2000)

Showtime takes on race, sex & wealth
by Ellen Gray (Philadelphia Daily News) (July 28, 2000)

Civil Rights Party Line Is Not For Every Black American
by Cynthia Tucker (UExpress/The Atlanta Constitution) (July 28, 2000)

'House Divided' Breaks Down Realities of Race
by Gloria Goodale (The Christian Science Monitor) (July 28, 2000)

The exterminator: Black politico Dwaine Caraway sounds a lot like a redneck when it comes to slamming his enemies
by Jim Schutze (The Dallas Observer) (July 27, 2000)

School says Casey's status unchanged for now
(ESPN/Associated Press) (July 27, 2000)

Priests in the Temple of Hate
by Richard Poe (Frontpage Magazine) (July 27, 2000)

Investigators say no foul play in black teen's hanging death
by Paul Payne (FOX News/Associated Press) (July 26, 2000)

Racist fliers denounce marriage of Pekin couple
(Peoria Journal Star) (July 26, 2000)

Lawmaker faults 16 census offices
by Rick Klein (The Dallas Morning News) (July 26, 2000)

Debate continues on pros and cons as transracial adoptions increase
(Akron Beacon Journal/Associated Press) (July 24, 2000)

DNA Detectives - Mysteries of History
by Nancy Shute (U.S. News and World Report) (July 24, 2000)

Creating a School for Okinawa's Biracial Children
by Valerie Reitman (The Los Angeles Times) (July 23, 2000)

NAACP Doesn't Seem Very Nonpartisan
by Gregory Kane (The San Francisco Chronicle) (July 23, 2000)

Okinawan Women Fighting for Support From U.S. Servicemen
by Calvin Sims (The New York Times) (July 23, 2000)

Metis planning youth newspaper
(CBC News) (July 23, 2000)

P. is for pretty boy
by Jake Tapper (Salon) (July 22, 2000)

A Touchy Issue for Panther
by Richard Huff (New York Daily News) (July 21, 2000)

The Racism-Industry Lynch Mob
by Michael Fumento (National Review) (July 21, 2000)

'House': moral awakening
by M.S. Mason (Christian Science Monitor) (July 21, 2000)

A Manitoba Mystery
(CBC News) (July 21, 2000)

Supreme Court rejects Metis bid for casino profits
(CBC News) (July 20, 2000)

Conversation in Black and White
(The Washington Post) (July 20, 2000)

Cuomo Says Million Dollar Award Sends Clear Message Against Racial Discrimination on the Internet
(Department of Housing and Urban Development) (July 20, 2000)

HUD Judge Awards $1M to advocate
by Claude R. Marx (The Washington Post) (July 20, 2000)

INTERVIEW:'The Real World' Isn't 'Easy' for this U. South Florida Grad
(The Oracle),1075,c4-i32-t0-a41325,00.html (July 20, 2000)

Through the Melting Pot
by Jonah Goldberg ( (July 20, 2000)

Ebony and the Fraud of Reparations
by William L. Anderson ( (July 19, 2000)

Violent history makes blacks ready to suspect worst
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Evansville Courier & Press) (July 19, 2000)

Interview: In the Name of the Homeland
(The Atlantic Monthly) (July 19, 2000)

NAACP: Racist to blacks
by Jon E. Dougherty (WorldNetDaily) (July 19, 2000)

Woods is young, but is still a legend
by Don Markus (The Sporting News) (July 17, 2000)

Biracial Parents Defy Check Boxes
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (July 17, 2000)

Interracial couple finds a pastor
(Akron Beacon Journal/Associated Press) (July 17, 2000)

Hate-Crime Laws Not For 'Whites Only'
by Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune),1122,SAV-0007160121,00.html (July 16, 2000)

Getting Under My Skin
by Don Terry (The New York Times) (July 16, 2000)

Wedding bells ring for interracial couple
by Rita Price (The Columbus Dispatch) (July 16, 2000)

One Step At A Time
(The Fayetteville Observer) (July 15, 2000)

Black Like Al?
by Salon Staff (Salon) (July 14, 2000)

Has lynch law returned?
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Salon) (July 13, 2000)

Jennifer Beals Inhabits A House Divided
(FOXNews) (July 13, 2000)

Questions and Answers: Rosellen Brown
by Vibhuti Patel (MSNBC/Newsweek) (July 13, 2000)

Time to Take Blinders Off About Africa
by Stanley Crouch (New York Daily News) (July 13, 2000)

Lumbee lawyers outline potential election pitfalls
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (July 12, 2000)

Mother's diligence important to let bi-racial son know it's OK to be black
by Larry Meeks (The Detroit News) (July 12, 2000)

Westland complaints get airing
by Shantee Woodards (The Detroit News) (July 12, 2000)

Florida colleges can't give special considerations to minorities, judge says
by David Royse (FOX News/Associated Press) (July 12, 2000)

Ohio pastor bans interracial wedding
(Philadelphia Daily News/Associated Press) (July 11, 2000)

Multiracial girl rights wrong
(Charlotte News & Observer/Associated Press) (July 11, 2000)

Farrakhan Offers a New March - and Old Hatreds
by Jonathan Capehart (New York Daily News) (July 10, 2000)

'Suicides' by Blacks Generate Outrage
(South China Morning Post/Reuters) (July 10, 2000)

Pastor Bars Interracial Marriage
(The Washington Post/Associated Press) (July 10, 2000)

Vulgar comedy makes race a laughing matter
by Margo Jefferson (Kansas City Star) (July 10, 2000)

Lumbees survey favors governing changes
by Andrew Barksdale (The Fayetteville Observer) (July 9, 2000)

Will 2010 Census Offer Multiracial Box?
by F.R. Duplantier (America's Future) (July 9, 2000)

Slavery apologies are false pieties
by Vincent Carroll (Rocky Mountain News) (July 9, 2000)

Pastor shuts door on interracial couple
by Dennis M. Mahoney (The Columbus Dispatch) (July 8, 2000)

Online Chat with The Multiracial Activist
(IRC Politics) (July 7, 2000)

Census forms and 'other' boxes leave people out of mix
by Sheena Harrison (The State News) (July 7, 2000)

Race and the Republican Party
by Jaime Sneider (The Washington Times) (July 4, 2000)

Pardon My Paleness
by Don Feder (Town Hall) (July 3, 2000)

The Do-Gooders' War on Merit
by Michael Meyers (The New York Post) (July 3, 2000)

A hanging exposes views on race and dating
by Scott Baldauf (Christian Science Monitor) (July 3, 2000)

Despite Law, Interracial Adoption Is Still Volatile
(Los Angeles Times) (July 3, 2000)

Lumbees renew culture at homecoming events
by Matthew Trail (The Fayetteville Observer) (July 2, 2000)

America, Seen Through the Filter of Race
(The New York Times) (July 2, 2000)

Singing sensation comes home
by James Locklear (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 30, 2000)

Funny Felix is earnest but dull
by Liz Braun (Toronto Sun) (June 30, 2000)

Accused Teenager Surrenders: Youth Missed Hearing in Cross-Burning Case
by Mitch Martin (Chicago Tribune),1575,SAV-0006300227,00.html (June 30, 2000)

Cotton Mary hits home
by Bruce Kirkland (The Toronoto Sun) (June 29, 2000)

Love is colorblind in the hottest shows on stage and screen
by Ed Siegel (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (June 29, 2000)

Last Teen Accused of Hate Crime Skips Court: Judge Revokes Bond in Cross-Burning Case
by Mitch Martin (Chicago Tribune),1575,SAV-0006290324,00.html (June 29, 2000)

Miss. Death A Lynching, Jesse Hints
by Bill Egbert (New York Daily News) (June 28, 2000)

Inquiry sought in teen's hanging
by Timothy R. Brown (Detroit Free Press) (June 28, 2000)

Race has everything to do with it
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Salon) (June 28, 2000)

Ties binding Democrats and blacks loosens
by Suzi Parker (The Christian Science Monitor) (June 27, 2000)

Texas A&M minority population on the rise
by Kim Trifilio (The Battalion) (June 27, 2000)

Two who burned cross get 18 months
by Val Walton (The Birmingham News) (June 27, 2000)

Tiger Wood's reflects nation's diverse, multiracial future
by Geneva Overholser (St. Paul Pioneer Press) (June 26, 2000)

Miss North Carolina comes home to Lumberton
by Aesha Duval (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 24, 2000)

Hoover's dark secret is revealed
by Duncan Campbell (The Guardian),3604,335802,00.html (June 24, 2000)

Growing Up, Growing Apart
by Tamar Lewin (The New York Times) (June 24, 2000)

For Orphans of the Forgotten War, the Past Is Shrouded in Questions
by Bettijane Levine (Los Angeles Times) (June 21, 2000)

Lumbee Homecoming reinforces history
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 21, 2000)

Woods living up to hype
by Ann Killion (San Jose Mercury News) (June 20, 2000)

Crossing the Line
by James Landrith and Cheryl Gamble-Landrith ( (June 19, 2000)

Finding a life between two races: Cultures collide for parents of biracial children
by Ashante Infantry (The Toronto Star) (June 19, 2000)

Real affirmative action
by Nat Hentoff (The Washington Times) (June 19, 2000)

'Constitution is stupid,' argues Census worker: Michigan family decries abuse by 'Cens-less' Bureau worker
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (June 19, 2000)

Robeson woman is new Miss North Carolina
by Aesha Duval (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 18, 2000)

Lumbee recognition? It won't happen
by Erving B. Locklear and Robert Chavis Rowland (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 18, 2000)

Brazil slowly confronts racism
by Stephen Buckley (Star Tribune) (June 18, 2000)

Racing Toward Wholeness
by Reverend Douglas A. Taylor (Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church) (June 18, 2000)

Love an issue of freedom, not race
by Leonard Pitts, Jr. (The Miami Herald) (June 17, 2000)

Accusations about "stealing their jobs"
(The Irish Times) (June 17, 2000)

Census Bureau asks thy neighbor: Enumerators resort to getting information 'by proxy'
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (June 16, 2000)

It's Time to Ignore the Snivel Rights Movement
by Thomas Libscomb ( (June 15, 2000)

Atoning for Slavery: 135 Years Later, Reparations Movement Gathers Steam
by Geraldine Sealey (ABCNews) (June 15, 2000)

A Black-on-White Attacks Prompts Question of What 'Hate Crime' Really Means
(FOXNews/Associated Press) (June 13, 2000)

MI2's lesson in black and white
by Robert W. Butler (Kansas City Star) (June 13, 2000)

USF grad's humor tickles 'Real World'
by Babita Persaud (The St Petersburg Times) (June 12, 2000)

The Last Word (see bottom of page)
by Stu Bykofsky (The Philadelphia Daily News) (June 12, 2000)

For One Family, Apartheid Never Ends
by Rachel L. Swarns (International Herald Tribune) (June 12, 2000)

Apartheid Still Burdens a Girl Who Didn't Fit
by Rachel L. Swarns (The New York Times) (June 10, 2000)

Slaves of a different color
by Stephen Talty (Salon) (June 9, 2000)

Tolerance for the Intolerant
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post) (June 9, 2000)

Having 'a thing' for another race
by Paysha Stockton (The Seattle Times) (June 9, 2000)

3rd Teenager is Sentenced in Cross-Burning
by Mitch Martin (Chicago Tribune),1575,SAV-0006090349,00.html (June 9, 2000)

Lumbees elect Freeman to head association
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 7, 2000)

Lumbee Tribal Council delays decision on appeal
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 6, 2000)

Lumbee Future
(The Fayetteville Observer) (June 5, 2000)

Best of Friends, Worlds Apart
by Mirta Ojita (The New York Times) (June 5, 2000)

Testing the Faithful
by Kevin Sack (The New York Times) (June 4, 2000)

Compromise offered in Lumbee tribal election
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 4, 2000)

Lumbee elections set for fall
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (June 2, 2000)

I am somebody!
by Christopher Shea (Salon) (June 2, 2000)

Bob Jones University: Fanfare and Fallacy
by Jennifer Groover and Lora Amy Bright (Conservative News Service)\Opinion\archive\OPI20000601d.html (June 1, 2000)

A True Melting Pot
by Teresa Allegretta ( (June 2000)

21 Arguments for Abolishing Racial Classification
by Yehudi O. Webster (The Abolitionist Examiner) (June/July 2000)

One Drop Too Many
by Ron Bronson, Jr. (The Abolitionist Examiner) (June/July 2000)

A Nation of Minorities?
by Amitai Etzioni (The Abolitionist Examiner) (June/July 2000)

I Don't Want to be Black Anymore
by J.J. Johnson (The Abolitionist Examiner) (June/July 2000)

Do You Feel Like a Number Yet?
by J.J. Johnson (The Abolitionist Examiner) (June/July 2000)

Arrested Protesting Police Brutality
by APOC (The Multiracial Activist) (June/July 2000)

Advancing The Cause?
by Ronald Bronson, Jr. (The Multiracial Activist) (June/July 2000)

A New American Race?
by Amitai Etzioni (The Multiracial Activist) (June/July 2000)

Lessons on Tolerance From a Multiracial Perspective
by Safara Fisher (The Multiracial Activist) (June/July 2000)

The Conservative Shame on Immigration
by Jacob G. Hornberger (The Multiracial Activist) (June/July 2000)

Reno's Disgrace
by Sheldon Richman (The Multiracial Activist) (June/July 2000)

An Action Hit With Speed, Danger and a Race Angle
by Jack Mathews (New York Daily News) (May 31, 2000)

The latest civil rights disaster: Ten reasons why reparations for slavery are a bad idea for black people -- and racist too
by David Horowitz (Salon) (May 30, 2000)

Counting Blacks in U.S. Census 2000
by Tanu T. Henry ( (May 30, 2000)

Beneath Myth, Melungeons Find Roots of Oppression
by Carol Morello (The Washington Post) (May 30, 2000)

In Blatant and Subtle Ways, Bush Appeals for Minority Support
( Press) (May 26, 2000)

Movie Review: 'East is East'
by Barbara Vancheri (Pittsburghe Post-Gazette) (May 26, 2000)

Funds for Lumbee election in bill
by Paul Woolverton (The Fayetteville Observer) (May 25, 2000)

DNA's double helix builds a bridge to Africa
by Jill Nelson (MSNBC) (May 25, 2000)

Island Voices: Our race? All of the above
by Susan Miho Nunes (The Honolulu Advertiser) (May 25, 2000)

Thandie's next mission: Motherhood
by Bob Thompson (Toronto Sun) (May 23, 2000)

Three held on false race attack charges
by Rachel Donnelly (The Irish Times) (May 23, 2000)

Northwestern U. exceeds enrollment target for 2004
by Casey Newton (Daily Northwestern) (May 22, 2000)

Will Dissing the Census End Up Clouding the Count?
(Business Week) (May 22, 2000)

A new mission for Tom Cruise's co-star
by Jeffrey Zaslow (USA Weekend) (May 21, 2000)

'Masks' takes close look at concept of blackness
by John C. Walter (Seattle Times) (May 21, 2000)

War Buddies in the British Melting Pot
by Esther Iverem (The Miami Herald) (May 21, 2000)

London Calling
by Esther Iverem (The Washington Post) (May 21, 2000)

Most back opening OHA elections, say they’ll cast ballots: Hawaiians voiced the strongest disapproval of opening up OHA voting
by Esther Iverem (Honolulu Star-Bulletin) (May 20, 2000)

Separate but Equalizing
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post) (May 19, 2000)

Board offers idea for giving students top-choice schools
by Debera Carlton Harrell (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (May 18, 2000)

Machine Age: Living in Terror
by Donna Ladd (The Village Voice) (May 17-23, 2000)

Hiring of ex-convict stuns Census Bureau
by Dong-Phuoung Nguyen (San Diego Union Tribune) (May 17, 2000)

'Black' means tolerating criminality?
by Bill Maxwell (St. Petersburg Times) (May 17, 2000)

Race relations might be better than we think
by Jack Kelly (The Toledo Blade) (May 16, 2000)

Police: Racial issue fueled Casey's attack
(The Philadelphia Inquirer/Associated Press) (May 16, 2000)

Racist group targets the right
by Chuck Morse (Enter Stage Right) (May 15, 2000)

A Child, and an Idealism, Left Behind
by Opal Moore (The Washington Post) (May 15, 2000)

Penn State quarterback charged with beating cop
by Josh Margolin (The Star-Ledger) (May 15, 2000)

Police: Race was factor in beating of off-duty officer
( Press),1329,2371161_56,00.html (May 15, 2000)

Press Release: Multiple race option in census may be more popular than expected
(Princeton University) (May 15, 2000)

Why the World Needs a Taste From L.A.'s Melting Pot
by James Ricci (Los Angeles Times) (May 14, 2000)

Mother in the Middle
by Sharon Bertstein (Los Angeles Times) (May 14, 2000)

Multiracial Americans sort through ambiguity, strength of blended heritage
by Jan Uebelherr (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (May 13, 2000)

Biracial? Actually, he's always considered himself black
by Nick Carter (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (May 13, 2000)

A thaw in race relations: Filmmakers break one of last taboos with series of interracial romances
by George M. Thomas (The Beacon Journal) (May 12, 2000)

Klansman agrees to apologize to woman, daughter
by Sudarsan Raghavan (Philadelphia Inquirer) (May 11, 2000)

Not Black or White: Multiracial Identities Gaining Favor
by Amy Collins ( (May 9, 2000)

Uncertain Path to Reunion for Mother and Daughter
by Michiko Kakutani (The New York Times) (May 9, 2000)

'Kennewick Man' DNA in Doubt
by John Fleck (Albuquerque Journal) (May 8, 2000)

Marguerite Press Announces the Release of 'Ida Mae' -- a Novel by Delores Thornton
(PRNewswire) (May 8, 2000)

Color My World
by Lynette Clemetson (Newsweek) (May 8, 2000)

Some Indians say multi-race census choice not a positive
by David Hanners (St Paul Pioneer Press) (May 7, 2000)

Identity Crisis
by Debra J. Dickerson (The Washington Post) (May 7, 2000)

Dismissal of adoption bias suit is sought
(Associated Press/The Columbus Dispatch) (May 7, 2000)

Many Roots of Hate
by Peter Y. Hong (The Los Angeles Times) (May 7, 2000)

Race: Anthropologists say divisions were made by man
by Walter Lee Dozier (The Gazette) (May 4, 2000)

The changing face of fashion
by Nicole Volta (The Detroit News) (May 4, 2000)

Not Black or White: Multiracial Identities Gaining Favor
by Amy Collins (ABC News) (May 4, 2000)

It took guts to write 'White Girl?' - and it took guts to respond
by Terry Tazioli (The Seattle Times) (May 4, 2000)

'White Girl?': 'Nightline' joins our conversation
by Janet Burkitt (The Seattle Times) (May 4, 2000)

The Human Family Tree: 10 Adams and 18 Eves
by Nicholas Wade (The New York Times) (May 2, 2000)

On 'Frontline,' Jefferson's Lasting Legacy
by John Carman (San Francisco Chronicle) (May 2, 2000)

Jefferson's Blood
Frontline (PBS) (May 2, 2000)

Sexy Zadie
by Eliza Truitt (Slate) (May 2, 2000)

Racism, Schmacism: Opposing Intermarriage
by Judith Shulevitz (Slate);idMessage=5219 (May 1, 2000)

Some Census workers feeling the heat of hostility, suspicion
by Tom Kenworthy (USA Today) (May 1, 2000)

Still Searching for Acceptance
by Duane Noriyuki (Los Angeles Times) (May 1, 2000)

Interracial Acceptance: Is America Ready?
by Anna Thackeray (One Magazine) (Spring 2000)

What Are You?...Multiracials Offer Answers
by Barbara Takei (Nichi Bei Times) (May 2000)

Wonderful Dreams and 'the Practice Principle': Favoring Meaning Over Ease
by Adam Abraham(INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

A Homecoming, with Too Much Color
by Ward Connerly (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

Teach Our Children Well: This Year's Mixed-Race Conference at Harvard University
by Kimberly A. Cooper (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

"The Luxury of Blackness"
by Eleanora Hill (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

Mulatto: A "Race" of People
by Richard "Warbird" Miller (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

A Different Kind of Couple
by Emily Conroy (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

African Ancestry De-Criminalization
by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

Census 2000 identity-theft targets multiracial people
by George Winkel (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2000)

Speaking of the Unspoken
by Scarlet Cheng (Los Angeles Times) (April 30, 2000)

Policy shows how deep roots of racism can go
by Brynn Potts (The Spokesman-Review) (April 29, 2000)

Latinos Drawing a Blank on Census Race Question
(Salt Lake Tribune) (April 29, 2000)

Girl wonder: The life so far of multiracial literary sensation Zadie Smith
by Maria Russo (Salon) (April 28, 2000)

Editorial: a balanced adoption policy
(The Cincinnati Post) (April 28, 2000)

Metro census is mixed picture
by Dan Hulbert (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (April 26, 2000)

Letter to the Editor: Census
by Angie Moxey (The Los Angeles Times) (April 26, 2000)

The shame of Zimbabwe
by Stanley Crouch (Salon) (April 26, 2000)

Rush, others urge slavery reparations
by Rick Hepp (Chicago Tribune),2669,ART-44501,FF.html (April 26, 2000)

An interview with Tori Barber '01, director of I-Pride
by Bridget Moriarity (The Wesleyan Argus) (April 25, 2000)

Debate between Ward Connerly and William Bagley (The Independent Institute) (April 25, 2000)

The 'race' question on the U.S. census is racist
by Bob Curtis (The Abolitionist Examiner) (April/May 2000)

Sociologist Calls For End of Term "Minority"
by E.V. Aniles (Frontera Magazine) (April 24, 2000)

Checking Pandora's Box: The Pitfalls of Census 2000
by Jonathan Tilove (The American Prospect) (April 24, 2000)

Al Gore and the Legacy of Race
by Ellen Nakashima and David Maraniss (The Washington Post) (April 23, 2000)

The New Census and Race in America
by Jonathan Tilove (Newhouse News Service) (April 21, 2000)

Intolerance takes a hit
by Tony Norman (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (April 21, 2000)

A Mother Lode of Love
by Michael Leahy (The Washington Post) (April 21, 2000)

House bill would limit census
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (April 21, 2000)

Elian's Fate: It's Not America's Decision
by Sheldon Richman (The Multiracial Activist) (April/May 2000)

Woman threatened by hate group takes her plight to court
by Sudarsan Raghavan (The Philadelphia Inquirer (April 19, 2000)

Stop whining about the media!
by Stanley Crouch (Salon) (April 19, 2000)

The Census' Race Problem
by Dawn Stover (The New York Times) (April 19, 2000)

Janis Ian's still on the same page
by Mario Tarradell (The Bergen Record) (April 19, 2000)

Man Sentenced for Racial Incidents
by David Rosenweig (The Los Angeles Times) (April 18, 2000)

Man Sentenced to Prison for Racial Confrontations
(The Los Angeles Times) (April 18, 2000)

One Drop-Still: A racialist's Census
by Stephan Thernstrom (National Review) (April 17, 2000)

An Ethnic Strategy on the Census
by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson (The Los Angeles Times) (April 17, 2000)

Race relations might be better than we think
by Jack Kelly (The Toledo Blade) (April 16, 2000)

Why Census Is Right to Ask For Racial and Ethnic Data
by Peter Skerry (The Los Angeles Times) (April 16, 2000)

From a Mixed-Race Marriage Comes Britain's Latest Sleeper Hit: East is East
by Matt Wolf (FoxNews/Associated Press) (April 16, 2000)

Race Relationships
by Lori L. Tharps (Entertainment Weekly),1798,1|28213|0|interracial,00.html (April 14, 2000)

Democrats seizing on Bob Jones issue
by Libby Quaid (The Bergen Record/Associated Press) (April 14, 2000)

by Janet Dang and Jason Ma (AsianWeek) (April 13, 2000)

Harvard groups sponsor panel on interracial dating
by Alex B. Ginsberg (Harvard Crimson) (April 13, 2000)

Restaurant Sued Over Tip Dispute
by Ruben Castaneda (The Washington Post) (April 13, 2000)

Our lack of tolerance will be a future shock
by Richard Roeper (Chicago Sun-Times) (April 13, 2000)

Census 'long forms' unevenly distributed
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (April 12, 2000)

UNC-Pembroke to assist in Lumbee tribal survey
(The Fayetteville Observer/Associated Press) (April 12, 2000)

Photo shop accused of racial slur
by Bill Gardner (St Paul Pioneer Press) (April 12, 2000)

Cross-Burning Convict Found Liable For Damages
by Mitch Martin (Chicago Tribune),1575,SAV-0004120100,00.html (April 12, 2000)

Census 2000 form ablaze with 32,767 racial, ethnic colors
by Dorothy Korber (The Sacramento Bee) (April 12, 2000)

Real Women Don't Think Small
by Allison Pearson (This is London) (April 12, 2000)

Police look for woman accused of harassment
by Cindi Lash (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (April 11, 2000)

TV Tackles Another Barrier
by Greg Braxton (The Kansas City Star),fyi/37746221.411,.html (April 11, 2000)

Race Question Shakes Up Census
by Dorothy Korber (Rocky Mountain News) (April 11, 2000)

A better path to diversity
(The Christian Science Monitor) (April 11, 2000)

Census 2000 reaches first target with 61 percent response rate
(CNN/Associated Press) (April 11, 2000)

22 cultural groups participate in Brown's Multicultural Fair 2000
by Camille Gerwin (Brown Daily Herald) (April 10, 2000)

Civil Rights Commission? It's Neither Civil, Nor Right
(The Boston Globe/P.R. Newswire) (April 10, 2000)

Census reflects Hawaii's ethnic variety
by Yasmin Anwar (USA Today) (April 10, 2000)

Census suit raises privacy questions
by Rick Klein (The Dallas Morning News) (April 10, 2000)

Study Finds Wide Disparities In Customs' Intrusive Searches
by Stephen Barr (The Washington Post) (April 10, 2000)

War Orphans Mark Vietnam Escape
by Tini Tran (Associated Press) (April 9, 2000)

Trouble in Paradise
by Jana Giles (The New York Times) (April 9, 2000)

Jefferson-Hemings symposium turns into hostile disagreement
by Nick P. Divito (The Bergen Record) (April 9, 2000)

Britain leads in mixed-race romance
(The Sunday Times) (April 9, 2000)

Census forms allow for multiracial identification for respondents
by Sandra Marquez Garcia (The Miami Herald) (April 9, 2000)

All there in black and white
by Alan Ramsay (Sydney Morning Herald) (April 8, 2000)

Intrusive government, intrusive questions
(The Washington Times) (April 8, 2000)

Senate wants no fines for not completing census
by Rick Klein (The Dallas Morning News) (April 8, 2000)

Behind, new, wacky census --- a new ticket for federal spoils
by Tony Snow (Jewish World Review) (April 7, 2000)

Census long form may be eliminated
by Rick Klein (The Dallas Morning News) (April 7, 2000)

A New American Race
by Amitai Etzioni (IntellectualCapital) (April 6, 2000)

Census' racial projections raise fears, researcher says
by Monica L. Haynes (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (April 6, 2000)

Teen Admits Role in Burning Cross
by Mitch Martin (The Chicago Tribune),2669,SAV-0004050154,FF.html (April 5, 2000)

Compared to 1990, state's census return rate drop is nation's worst
by Jack Norman (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (April 5, 2000)

Census publicity campaign targets Texas' low response rates
by Rick Klein (The Dallas Morning News) (April 5, 2000)

U.S. multiracial populations are counted more accurately
by Genevieve Marshall (The Morning Call) (April 5, 2000)

Short Take: Census Rebellion
by J.D. Tuccille ( (April 5, 2000)

Privacy May Affect Census Response
by Genaro C. Armas (Associated Press) (April 5, 2000)

Census 2000: You May Already Be A Winner!
by Tom G. Palmer (Slate) (April 4, 2000)

The Federal Leviathan is Counting on You
by Dave Kopel (Cato - Today's Commentary) (April 4, 2000)

Spotlight On: West Ford, American Son
by Linda Allen Bryant and Wendy Robinson (AfriGeneas) (April 3, 2000)

The Sally Hemings Turning Point
by Florence King (National Review) (April 3, 2000)

"Just Say No To Nosy Census Questions" campaign generates national media coverage
(Libertarian Party) (April 3, 2000)

Census lands in middle of a privacy backlash
by Jim Stingl and Jack Norman (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (April 3, 2000)

Senseless count adds up to intrusion
by Don Feder (The Boston Herald) (April 3, 2000)

She builds on Lumbee dreams
by Larry Cheek (The Fayetteville Observer) (April 2, 2000)

Check All That Apply: Census 2000 lets people make their mark when on race
by Lisa Gutierrez (The Kansas City Star),fyi/37745bc2.401,.html (April 2, 2000)

Challenge to Census Bureau Planned
(UPI) (April 2, 2000)

With more than an accurate count at stake, what do you check if you're more than one of the above
by Thomas Ginsberg and Nita Lelyveld (The Philadelphia Inquirer) (April 2, 2000)

25 Years After Saigon, An American Future
by Michael Leahy (The Washington Post) (April 2, 2000)

Connerly joins foes of 'silly' queries on census forms: He weighs ballot drive to limit race data
by Herbert A. Sample (Capitol Alert) (April 1, 2000)

Race and the Census
(The Boston Globe) (April 1, 2000)

Ward Connerly Inducted Into The Racial Harmony Hall of Fame
(The Egalitarian) (April 2000)

Minority Congressional Leaders' Reaction to Elian Saga Disturbing
by Marc Levin (The Multiracial Activist) (April/May 2000)

"Race" In The Third Millenium
by George Winkel (The Abolitionist Examiner) (April/May 2000)

An Alternative to Race Relations: Human Relations
by Yehudi O. Webster (The Abolitionist Examiner) (April/May 2000)

Count Me Out
by Sheldon Richman (The Abolitionist Examiner) (April/May 2000)

Census 2000: Just Say No To Race
by James K. Mattis (The Abolitionist Examiner) (April/May 2000)

What Makes Us Americans?
by Sam Hazo (The Abolitionist Examiner) (April/May 2000)

The 'Multiracist' Census
by Sara Cagno (NYU J.Post) (April 2000)

An Interview With Joan Popek
by Cindy Penn (WordWeaving) (April 2000)

Interracial Dating
by Jenny Meyer (Culture and Denial: Women in Dialogue) (March 31, 2000)

Racial Identity on the US Census Forms
(C-SPAN) (March 31, 2000)

Racial Identity on the US Census Forms
(C-SPAN) (March 31, 2000)

U.S. Census Questions Are Too Invasive and Put Your Privacy at Risk
by Robyn Blumner (Salt Lake Tribune) (March 31, 2000)

Census' Ethnic Emphasis Outrageous
by Tamar Jacoby (Newsday) (March 30, 2000)

The return of the White Negro
by Michael Sragow (Salon) (March 30, 2000)

Census Non-Filers Have Little to Fear From Law
by Hans H. Chen (APB News) (March 30, 2000)

The Census Scam
by Eric Garris ( (March 30, 2000)

Keeping Government Out of the Mailbox
by Wendy Kaminer (IntellectualCapital) (March 30, 2000)

Census Too Nosy? Don't Answer Invasive Questions, GOP Suggests
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (March 30, 2000)

Bush's big mistake
by Ben Macintyre (The Times) (March 30, 2000)

Will the Feds Then Tell Me What my Race Is If I Answer the Census Question Wrong?
by Mary Mostert (Original Sources) (March 30, 2000)

Press Release: Connerly To Join Multiracial Leaders In Washington To Discuss U.S. Census Meeting In Nation's Capital To Take Critical View of Racial Classifications
(American Civil Rights Institute) (March 29, 2000)

Higher Ed
by Norah Vincent (The Village Voice) (March 29, 2000)

Politician, Heal Thyself (Take a Couch)
by John Tierney (The New York Times) (March 29, 2000)

Talking Equal
by Ward Connerly (Frontpage Magazine) (March 29, 2000)

Call yourself what you will after filling out census form
by Charlie James (The Seattle Times) (March 29, 2000)

Some white Americans shun the census over privacy, fear of government
by Steve Friess (The Sun Sentinel),1136,30000000000106417,00.html (March 29, 2000)

Civics Lessons in the Census
by Edward L. Hudgins (Cato - Today's Commentary) (March 28, 2000)

Paul Introduces Bill to Limit Census
(Office of Representative Ron Paul) (March 28, 2000)

Libertarians say: End growing anti-Census firestorm with the Census-on-a-Postcard
(The Libertarian Party) (March 28, 2000)

Judge puts brakes on Census Bureau
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (March 28, 2000)

U.S. Census Bureau works to quell privacy fears
by Stuart Eskenazi (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (March 28, 2000)

Already, setbacks for the census
by Daniel B. Wood and Kris Axtman (Christian Science Monitor) (March 28, 2000)

A "poison" divides us
by Alicia Montgomery (Salon) (March 27, 2000)

Interracial romances no longer taboo topic
by Greg Braxton (Atlanta Journal Constitution) (March 27, 2000)

From pep rallies to pet peeves, Census 2000 gets most hype, flap
by Jack Norman (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (March 27, 2000)

Census questionnaire draws countless citizen complaints
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (March 27, 2000)

Census chief says he doesn't expect privacy lawsuit to stand in court
by Rick Klein (Dallas Morning News/Associated Press) (March 26, 2000)

Ad blitz promotes head count
by Robb Frederick (The Tribune-Review) (March 26, 2000)

California redistricting affects Latino power
by Dan Walters (Nando Times),2107,500184720-500245863-501234102-0,00.html (March 26, 2000)

Black and proud
by Michael Finley (Salon) (March 25, 2000)

Census campaign draws fire from opponents of governemnt intrusion
(Associated Press) (March 25, 2000)

Racial Intermarriage and Racial Survival: Reflections on the Bob Jones University Uproar
by Paul Grubach (David Duke Online) (March 25, 2000)

Cross-burning horrifies family
by Janet C. Wetzel and Kevin Aldridge (The Cincinnati Enquirer) (March 25, 2000)

Dangers in census move to include race inquiry
by Fintan O'Toole (The Irish Times) (March 24, 2000)

Stalked by the Net
(Sydney Morning Herald) (March 24, 2000)

Census Bureau sued by Houston attorney
by Rad Sallee (The Houston Chronicle) (March 23, 2000)

Guest Commentary: Dances With Compromise: The Bob Jones University Twist
by Anonymous (The Multiracial Activist) (April/May 2000)

Aborigines lead way as mixed marriages create melting pot
by Bettina Arndt (Sydney Morning Herald) (March 23, 2000)

Census Bureau answers critics
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (March 22, 2000)

Census welfare ring: 10 year head count is a spending spree
by Bernadette Malone Connolly (The Union Leader) (March 22, 2000)

Weathering the Census
by Christopher Westley (Ludwig von Mises Institute) (March 20, 2000)

Makin' out at Bob Jones U.
by Daniel Kraus (Salon) (March 22, 2000)

Living lessons of race
by Zenaida Mendez (The Bergen Record) (March 22, 2000)

Romeo Must Die
by Jonathan Foreman (New York Post) (March 22, 2000)

Schools Must Add New Ways To Count Races
by Mary Ann Zehr (Education Week) (March 22, 2000)

New options fuel debate about race
by Steve Morelli (Press & Sun-Bulletin) (March 21, 2000)

Libertarians: 'Just Say No' to Census 2000 Questions
by Jim Burns (Conservative News Service)\Culture\archive\CUL20000320b.html (March 20, 2000)

Count Me Out
by Sheldon Richman (The Multiracial Activist) (March/April 2000)

Census 2000: Just Say No To Race
by James K. Mattis (The Multiracial Activist) (March/April 2000)

A Call For The End of The One Drop Rule
by Patrice Farmer (The Multiracial Activist) (March/April 2000)

With a Census This Intrusive, Count Me Out
by Lance Morrow (Time),2960,41264-101000320,00.html (March 20, 2000)

Districts barred from considering race when it comes to student transfers
by Laurie Asseo (Nando Times/Associated Press),2107,500183044-500242711-501211350-0,00.html (March 20, 2000)

Blood Sisters: 'Intersecting Circles' gives insight into the hapa experience
by Cynthia Oi (Honolulu Star-Bulletin) (March 20, 2000)

Homes of 2 bi-racial couples defaced
by Gloria Campisi (The Philadelphia Daily News) (March 20, 2000)

Mixed-race census puzzle
by Myung Oak Kim (The Philadelphia Daily News) (March 20, 2000)

Census forms spark race debate
by Daniel Gonzalez (The Arizona Republic) (March 20, 2000)

U.S. Census Cultivates Fiction of Race
by Courtland Milloy (The Washington Post) (March 19, 2000)

Census forms better, but still vexing to people of "other" races
by Joe Rodriguez (San Jose Mercury News) (March 19, 2000)

Rich alumnus suing to get donation back
(The Bergen Record/Associated Press) (March 19, 2000)

The Politics of Race and the Census
by Steven A. Holmes (The New York Times) (March 19, 2000)

Hip and happening
(Sydney Morning Herald) (March 18, 2000)

Census Answers are Required by Law
by Robert Longley ( (March 18, 2000)

Ministers recruited for census sermons
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (March 18, 2000)

Libertarians say: Strike a blow for privacy: Refuse to answer nosy Census questions
(The Libertarian Party) (March 17, 2000)

Short Take: senseless census
by J.D. Tuccille ( (March 17, 2000)

This time, it's Gore whose stance on Catholics is questioned
by Jodi Enda (The Philadelphia Inquirer) (March 17, 2000)

Census blamed in internment of Japanese Citizens
by Steven A. Holmes (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (March 17, 2000)

'Love' Hurts, But I'ts Message Is Worth The Tears
by Thelma Adams (New York Post) (March 17, 2000)

Fed up, Gossett creates own roles
(Philadelphia Daily News) (March 17, 2000)

Lengthy survey asks 53 questions
by Jennifer McGinnis (Tribune-Review) (March 17, 2000)

U.S. incensed over census
by Julie Sullivan (WorldNetDaily) (March 17, 2000)

Books: Skull wars
by Lawrence Osbourne (Salon) (March 16, 2000)

American Indian author shares stories of heritage at BYU
by Juliette Crane (The Daily Universe) (March 16, 2000)

HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo Targets Internet Hate
by Doug Brown (Interactive Week),4164,2469409,00.html (March 16, 2000)

Milestone for Those of Mixed Race
by Solomon Moore (Los Angeles Times) (March 16, 2000)

How Race Counts in the 2000 Census
by Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune),1122,SAV-0003150008,00.html (March 15, 2000)

America's Changing Face - Experts: Census 2000 Will Reveal Ethnic Shift
by Geraldine Sealey (ABCNews) (March 15, 2000)

Bob Jones U. Tones Down Web Text: Accusations About Religion Removed
(The Washington Post/Associated Press) (March 15, 2000)

Catholicism, Mormonism statements dropped from Bob Jones Web site
(Nando Times/Associated Press),2107,500180757-500238537-501182643-0,00.html (March 15, 2000)

Watch out for a school named Bob
by Reg Henry (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (March 14, 2000)

Real-life relationships
by Charles Scott Curtis (The Shorthorn) (March 14, 2000)

Race to Keep Up With The Joneses
by Allen Salkin (New York Post) (March 14, 2000)

Census angers residents
(WTMJ) (March 14, 2000)

Multiracial students share a variety of experiences
by Clara Kim (HighWired),1269,1-163306,00.html (April 9, 2000)

Trading places
by Michael Alvear (Salon) (March 13, 2000)

Religion Web Site of the Week: The Multiracial Activist
by Tim Funk (Fort Worth Star Telegram) (March 13, 2000)

NC Christian magazine criticized for McCain story
(The State) (March 13, 2000)

Bob Jones Controversy Moves To Congress
by Libby Quaid (ABCNews/Associated Press) (March 13, 2000)

Bob Jones controversy goes congressional
by Libby Quaid (Myrtle Beach Sun News/Associated Press) (March 14, 2000)

Stand up and be counted as census commences
by Julie Sullivan (The Oregonian) (March 12, 2000)

Multiracial Balancing Act
by Ashante Infantry (The Toronto Star) (March 11, 2000)

Roots in two races
by Ashante Infantry (The Toronto Star) (March 11, 2000)

Mixing It Up: Multiracial People Will Be Placed in Minority Groups
by Genaro C. Armas (ABCNews/Associated Press) (March 11, 2000)

Census Will Vary Race Counting
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (March 11, 2000)

Multiracial Census Form Poses Dilemma/Organizations fear dilution of numbers
by Tanya Schevitz (San Francicso Chronicle) (March 11, 2000)

Census: Mixed Races Count As Minorities
by Steven A. Holmes (The Spokesman-Review) (March 11, 2000)

Census Announces Multiracial Guidelines
by Genaro C. Adams (ABCNews/Associated Press) (March 11, 2000)

BJU drops ban on interracial dating
by Joshua Senavoe (Chimes) (March 10, 2000)

Black-on-white crime debated after shootings
by Laurent Belsie (The Christian Science Monitor) (March 10, 2000)

My Fight Against Racial Preferences: A Quest Toward 'Creating Equal'
by Ward Connerly (The Chronicle of Higher Education) (March 10, 2000)

Lawmaker plans resolution to condemn Bob Jones University
(Naples Daily News/Associated Press) (March 10, 2000)

Bulletin 00-02 - Guidance on Aggregation and Allocation of Data on Race for Use in Civil Rights Monitoring and Enforcement
(Office of Management and Budget) (March 9, 2000)

Making Up American Identity
by Che Hashim (The Indicator) (March 9, 2000)

Bob Jones' interracial dating policy won't require parental permission
(Nando Times/Associated Press),2107,500178526-500234195-501149555-0,00.html (March 9, 2000)

Bob Jones University clarifies revised policy
by Cara Bonnett (The Greenville News) (March 9, 2000)

University's dating policy modified
(The State/Associated Press) (March 9, 2000)

Interracial Date Policy Gives Parents a Veto
(The Washington Post/Associated Press) (March 8, 2000)

Bob Jones: Interracial daters need parents' OK
(Philadelphia Daily News/Associated Press) (March 8, 2000)

Kein Platz für Rassenschänder: Eine „christliche Universität“ im amerikanischen Wahlkampf
by Armin Himmelrath (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (March 7, 2000)

Gays plan protest in writing on census forms
(Associated Press) (March 7, 2000)

Libertarians urge filling in just one box for census
by Maria Titze (Deseret News),1249,155008400,00.html? (March 7, 2000)

Parents must OK interracial dating at BJU
by Cara Bonnett (The Greenville News) (March 7, 2000)

The Amphetamine of the People
by Suzanne Fields (Jewish World Review) (March 6, 2000)

Tear up that census form
by J.D. Tuccille ( (March 6, 2000)

Bob Jones Bends
by Kimberly Hohman ( (March 6, 2000)

Senator won't pursue bill against Bob Jones
(The Sun News) (March 6, 2000)

On The Census: Color Us Mixed Up
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post) (March 6, 2000)

Shame on liberal hypocrites!
by David Horowitz (Salon) (March 6, 2000)

Why are black leaders silent on black hate crimes?
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Salon) (March 6, 2000)

The company he keeps: Bush's speech at Bob Jones University will haunt him
by John Leo (U.S. News & World Report) (March 6, 2000)

Census lets the counted defy conventional labels
by Rick Klein (The Dallas Morning News) (March 5, 2000)

More multiracial people will be counted in census
by Osker Spicer (The Oregonian) (March 5, 2000)

Candidate's Racial Views Outdated
by Gregory Rodriguez (Los Angeles Times) (March 5, 2000)

Students stunned as Bob Jones drops interracial dating ban
by Jim Davenport (Deseret News),1249,155007840,00.html? (March 5, 2000)

(Lincoln Journal Star) (March 4, 2000)

Religion Website of the Week:
(Kentucky Herald-Leader) (March 4, 2000)

What's a Bombay girl doing in the Bob Jones case?
by J M Shenoy (Rediff) (March 4, 2000)

White American? Or Asian American?
by R S Shankar (Rediff) (March 4, 2000)

Diversity big part of Royals catcher Johnson's life
by Dick Kaegel (The Kansas City Star),sports/37744893.304,.html (March 4, 2000)

Bob Jones Univ. Changes Dating Policy
(ABCNews) (March 4, 2000)

Government begs: send Census forms back
(Evansville Courier & Press) (March 3, 2000)

Bob Jones Changes Mind About Jungle Fever!
by Timothy Noah (Slate) (March 3, 2000)

Transcript: Dr. Bob Jones III Discusses The Controversy Swirling Around Bob Jones University
(Larry King Live) (March 3, 2000)

A Letter to the Nation
by Bob Jones III (Bob Jones University) (March 3, 2000)

What is Bob Jones University, anyway
by Jennifer Holland (CNN/AllPolitics) (March 3, 2000)

Bob Jones U. Delights in Resistance to Change
by Steve Kloehn (Chicago Tribune),1575,SAV-0003030135,00.html (March 3, 2000)

A Racial Tug of War Over Census
by D'Vera Cohn (The Washington Post) (March 3, 2000)

University Takes Out Full Page Ads to Answer Critics
(FOXNews/Associated Press) (March 3, 2000)

College ascribes its ways to Christian beliefs
by Dennis Cauchon (USA Today) (March 3, 2000)

Census should reflect land rich in blended citizens
by Amitai Etzioni (USA Today) (March 2, 2000)

Everyday Genius
by Kate Moses (Salon) (March 2, 2000)

Judge: Threats violated Fair Housing Act
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (March 2, 2000)

The Jefferson image
(The Toledo Blade) (March 2, 2000)

Silliness over Bob Jones University
by Jay Ambrose (Nando Times),2107,500175271-500227855-501099907-0,00.html (March 2, 2000)

All Things Considered: Bob Jones University
by Adam Hochberg (National Public Radio) (March 1, 2000)

Religion Web site of the Week
by Tim Funk (The Charlotte Observer) (March 1, 2000)

County suit: Let race affect adoption
by Kimball Perry (The Cincinnati Post) (March 1, 2000)

Racial data poses challenges
(Deseret News),1249,150017791,00.html? (March 1, 2000)

Bob Jones answers critics
by Julie Foster (WorldNetDaily) (March 1, 2000)

Counting on the Census?
by Peter Skerry (Brookings Institution Policy Brief) (March 2000, No. 56)

The Twisted DNA of Remembrance
by George Winkel (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

The Debt - One America Cannot Pay Reparations to Herself
by George Winkel (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

Media Representation of Racial Minorities
by Emilie Schlegel (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

Whiteness and Our Concerns
by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

The Case For A Multiracial Identity
by Liam Martin (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

by Eleanora Hill (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

Interracial Sex
by Emily Monroy (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (March/April 2000)

The multiple-race population of the United States: Issues and Estimante
by Joshua R. Goldstein and Ann J. Morning (Office of Population Research, Princeton University) (February 29, 2000)

Democrats in Congress seek condemnation of Bob Jones U.
by Janelle Carter (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) (February 29, 2000)

Democrats Seek Condemnation of Bob Jones University
by Bob Melvin (Conservative News Service)\Politics\archive\200002\POL20000229h.html (February 29, 2000)

Kennedy Sponsors House Resolution Condemning Discriminatory Practices at Bob Jones University
(Office of Representative Patrick Kennedy) (February 29, 2000)

Bob Jones and the Last Crusade
by Jim Geraghty ( (February 29, 2000)

Dear Colleague Letter: Speak Out Against the Anti-Catholic and Racial Bigotry of Bob Jones University
by Representative John Conyers, Jr. (House Committee on the Judiciary) (February 28, 2000)

I Don't Want to be Black Anymore
by J.J. Johnson (The Sierra Times) (February 28, 2000)

Bush Rues Failure to Attack Bigotry in Visit to College
by Frank Bruni and Nicholas D. Kristof (The New York Times) (February 28, 2000)

Regrets Well Placed, if Questionably Timed
by Richard L. Berke (The New York Times) (February 28, 2000)

Bush says he regrets failing to challenge school's views
by Judy Keen (USA Today) (February 28, 2000)

At Bob Jones U., criticism stirs surprise, indignation
by J.R. Moehringer (The Bergen Record) (February 28, 2000)

Remembrance of Klan defeat is urged
by Venita Jenkins (The Fayetteville Observer) (February 27, 2000)

London 2000: a multiracial city?
by Gary Younge (This is London) (February 25, 2000)

Callahan defends Bush appearance at Bob Jones U.
by William Rabb (Mobile Register) (February 25, 2000)

Bob Jones: A Magnet School for Controversy
by Juliet Eilperin and Hanna Rosin (The Washington Post) (February 25, 2000)

Senator Proposes Rebuke of Bob Jones University
by David Espo (FoxNews/Associated Press) (February 24, 2000)

State gives McCain big smile
by Joel Connelly (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (February 24, 2000)

Right-Wing Baggage Puts Drag on Bush Caravan
by Frank Bruni (The New York Times) (February 24, 2000)

Where's the outrage over Sharpton and the Dems?
(Mobile Register) (February 23, 2000)

Bush's missed opportunity
by Robert George (Salon) (February 22, 2000)

Census 2000: Dare to be an 'other'
by Mary Owen (The Collegian) (February 21, 2000)

Melting pot cooking 20,000 years ago
by Ulysses Torassa (San Francisco Examiner) (February 21, 2000)

New study: Blacks are twice as likely to be charged with a "hate crime"
(Libertarian Party) (February 21, 2000)

New York House member drops Bush, backs McCain
by John King (CNN) (February 21, 2000)

Southern baggage may not play well in Michigan
by Thomas Hargrove (Scripps Howard News Service) (February 21, 2000)

Wayfaring Stranger: The Black Dutch, German Gypsies, or Chicanere, and their relation to the Melungeon
by Linda D. Griggs (The Patrin Web Journal) (February 20, 2000)

When 'Thomas Met Sally' Is No Way to See History
by William Branigin (The Washington Post) (February 20, 2000)

Statement on Bob Jones University
by Rives Moore (The Interfaith Alliance) (February 18, 2000)

'Boiler Room': Low Heat
by Desson Howe (The Washington Post) (February 18, 2000)

Sharply Diverging Paths as Vote Nears in South Carolina
by Frank Bruni and Alison Mitchell (The New York Times) (February 18, 2000)

Confessions of a former self-hating white person
by Joan Walsh (Salon) (February 18, 2000)

Conservatives: Seeking a Candidate With a Firm Stand
by Jim Yardley (The New York Times) (February 18, 2000)

Racial Issues Dog GOP Foes
by Terry M. Neal and Edward Walsh (The Washington Post) (February 18, 2000)

Love strands
by Susan Straight (Salon) (February 17, 2000)

Robeson native Holmes nominated for second star
by Henry Cuningham (The Fayetteville Observer) (February 17, 2000)

He loves me, he loves me not
by Eleanor Stacy Parker (Salon) (February 17, 2000)

Key issues in S.C. primary have a familiar ring
by Brett Davis (The Huntsville Times) (February 16, 2000)

"The stakes are a bit higher for us"
by Daryl Lindsey (Salon) (February 16, 2000)

Bush goofed in visiting university
(Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) (February 15, 2000)

Do the multiracial count?
by Gregory Rodriguez (Salon) (February 15, 2000)

Speech at Bob Jones University
by Alan Keyes (February 14, 2000)

All Mixed Up
(Salon) (February 14, 2000)

Black and White and Taboo All Over
by Charles Taylor (Salon) (February 14, 2000)

A poignant reminder
(The Huntsville Times) (February 14, 2000)

Ex-President Bush Stumps for Son in S.F.'s Chinatown Candidate's visit to college defended
by Tom Zoellner (San Francisco Chronicle) (February 14, 2000)

Cross-burnings are abominable
(The Kansas City Star),opinion/37743b67.214,.html (February 14, 2000)

Bush vows to keep up attacks on McCain in South Carolina
by Bob Kemper (The Bergen Record) (February 14, 2000)

McCain: No Visit to Bob Jones University
by Stephen Barr (The Washington Post) (February 14, 2000)

Feds Jump Into Cyber-Stalking Lawsuit
(The Salt Lake Tribune) (February 13, 2000)

Government seeks to stop Internet 'stalking'
by Kim Murphy (The Bergen Record) (February 13, 2000)

Jefferson's Legacy
by Kia Shant'e Breaux (Canoe) (February 13, 2000)

Wedding carries message about Alabama's ban
by Steve Doyle (The Huntsville Times) (February 11, 2000)

News and fiction meet in retelling of 'Scandal'
by Gloria Goodale (The Christian Science Monitor) (February 11, 2000)

'Sally Hemings': fact or fiction
by Ellen Gray (The Bergen Record) (February 11, 2000)

An affair to remember
by Virginia Rohan (The Bergen Record) (February 11, 2000)

Interracial Marriage: A New Campaign Issue
by Emil Guillermo (AsianWeek) (February 10, 2000)

US presidential campaign: George W. Bush speaks at racist university
by Patrick Martin (World Socialist Web Site) (February 8, 2000)

Census to allow for multiethnic identification
by Kim Cobb (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (February 8, 2000)

S. Carolina: a 'rebel state' again?
by Abraham McLaughlin (The Christian Science Monitor) (February 7, 2000)

The Colors of Love/Oakland Museum throws singles bash for singles of different ethnicities
by Jesse Hamlin (The San Francisco Chronicle) (February 7, 2000)

The Tom and Sally show finally comes to CBS
by Lewis Lord (U.S. News and World Report) (February 7, 2000)

A New York culinary expert revives interest in Abby Fisher's life
by Roy Hoffman (The Mobile Register) (February 6, 2000)

An affair to remember
by Virginia Rohan (The Bergen Record) (February 11, 2000)

Bob Jones: Bigot, Homophobe, University President
by Ryan MacMichael (The Daily PING) (February 9, 2000)

Lumbee Progress: Self-Determination Commission merits optimism
(The Fayetteville Observer) (February 7, 2000)

Humans Must Reject Genetic Determinism in the New Millenium
by Marc Levin and Edward Blum (The Salt Lake Tribune) (February 6, 2000)

Bradley, in S.F., takes aim at Bush
by Gregory Lewis and Zachary Coile (San Francisco Examiner) (February 4, 2000)

McCain catches Bush in South Carolina
by Terry M. Neal and Thomas B. Edsall (The Bergen Record) (February 4, 2000)

Bradley Blasts Bush for Talk at Bob Jones U.
by James Dao (The New York Times) (February 4, 2000)

Jonesing for votes
by Jake Tapper (Salon Magazine) (February 3, 2000)

Employers ponder multiracial census question
by Dianne Stafford (The Kansas City Star),business/3774334f.201,.html (February 1, 2000)

The Voice of Bones
by Doug Peacock (Outside Magazine) (February 2000)

Lumbee panel progressing
by Paul Woolverton (The Fayetteville Observer) (January 31, 2000)

Meet the 'Jackie Robinson' of film
by Gloria Goodale (Christian Science Monitor) (January 28, 2000)

Pryor urges constitution amendment
by Michael Sznajderman (The Birmingham News) (January 27, 2000)

Foundation says Jefferson probably fathered slave's son
(The Dallas Morning News/Associated Press) (January 27, 2000)

Monticello Group Accepts Hemings Connection
by Leef Smith (The Washington Post) (January 27, 2000)

Hit-show 'Millionaire' raises the bar for new sexual and racial standards
by Bernard Weinraub (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (January 25, 2000)

Go along to get along?
by Geoff Metcalf (WorldNetDaily) (January 24, 2000)

Find old family Bible, searcher advises
by George Werneth (Mobile Register) (January 24, 2000)

Metis decision may have national implications, says Harris
by Craig Wong (The Canadian Press) (January 21, 2000)

14% of state newborns multiracial: capital area leads trend
by Emily Bazar (Capital Alert) (January 21, 2000)

Court rules in favour of Metis on hunting
by Craig Wong (The Canadian Press) (January 20, 2000)

Woman given help at last in battle with hate group
by Mike Barber (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (January 19, 2000)

Lumbees face hurdles: The Self-Determination Commission continues a series of meetings to decide if the tribe wants a government.
by Paul Woolverton (The Fayetteville Observer) (January 18, 2000)

Slo-Mo Justice Against Hate
by Lakshmi Chaudhry (Wired News),1283,33710,00.html (January 18, 2000)

Measures target profiling, hate crimes
by Amy Joi Bryson (Deseret News),1249,150006897,00.html (January 17, 2000)

Libertarians Say Americans Shouldn't Answer Census Questions
by Jim Burns (Conservative News Service)\Politics\archive\200001\POL20000117e.html (January 17, 2000)

Civil Rights: What Went Wrong?
by Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom (FrontPage Magazine and Wall Street Journal) (January 17, 2000)

Multiracial Americans deserve a voice, too
by Erika D. Peterman (Tallahassee Democrat) (January 15, 2000)

Census working hard to include all groups
(Deseret News),1249,145019209,00.html (January 14, 2000)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Message - Move Beyond Racialism
by Gregory Stephens (Pacific News Service) (January 13, 2000)

Interracial couples sought for PG interviews
(The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (January 11, 2000)

Race Over
by Orlando Patterson (The New Republic) (January 10, 2000)

Playing the new blame game
by Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune),1122,SAV-0001090137,00.html (January 9, 2000)

The Internet Anti-Fascist, Vol. 4, Number 2 (#374)
by Paul Kneisel (The Internet Anti-Fascist) (January 7, 2000)

'Snow' director digs into a historical controversy
by Gary Thompson (The Christian Science Monitor) (January 7, 2000)

False prophet
by Debra Dickerson (Salon) (January 6, 2000)

"White Girl:" the story, and dialogue, continue
by Debra Dickerson (The Seattle Times) (January 4, 2000)

Horizontal or Vertical?
by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (January/February 2000)

The Politics of Mixed Race
by Liam Martin (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (January/February 2000)

Coloring People
by Eleanora Hill (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (January/February 2000)

"You're Mixed, Aren't You?"
by Eleanora Hill (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (January/February 2000)

Custody Battlelines In The War For Mixed-Race Identity
by Tracy Cope (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (January/February 2000)

Racism 2000: Deconstructing 'The Bigotry Game' When The Reality Of Race Sets In
by Adam Abraham (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (January/February 2000)

Interview With Gregory Stephens: On Racial Frontiers
by Laura Gardner( (January 2000)

Report of the Research Committee on Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings
(Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation) (January 2000)

The Democrats Peddle Racial Politics in Iowa
by Lucas Morel (John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs) (January 2000)

The Diffusionists Have Landed
by Marc K. Stengel (The Atlantic Monthly) (January 2000)

Helping Multiracial and Multiethnic Children Escape No Man's Land
by Francis Wardle (National PTA) (2000)

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